Growing up. 

I often wonder what it will be like as soon as i graduate. Will i been in the big wide world, lost and overwhelmed by all the career paths that lay ahead of me? Cause right now, that’s not how i feel. At 20, i’ve had my fat share of holidays. I was very lucky as a child to go to many places because like my parents, i love to travel. Although graduating and suddenly throwing myself into a career is kinda scary. 

I can’t be the only person who thinks this? Surely everyone is scared in their own kind of way, i’m just scared that i’m going to miss it. It being the giant section of my life when i am commitment free, no kids, no mortgage, no job. I might miss the gap of being free. 

How long do you get in a gap year? Would a year even be long enough? A little year for a whole lifetime seems unproportional don’t you think? Surely it should be at least 10%, whilst the arerage person now lives to around 90, that’s 9 years, 10% of a lifetime, freedom. But a gap 9 year doesn’t exist. It would be impossible financially as well as the fact that it wouldn’t look particularly good to potential employers that you have been unemployed for 9 years. 

It sucks that we get a year, some people don’t even have that to live our lives care free. Moral of the story – be selfish, even if it’s for more than a year.


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