A rant about the world of social media.

Get ready for me to sound like the ultimate cynic. I’m sorry for how old I sound in this post!!!

Recently, I’ve found myself staring at social media accounts and being sucked in by the number or likes, followers, comments and all that jazz. Although looking at it, it’s just a number. Just a number that people base their whole lives on now-a-days. Long gone are the real genuine pictures of smiles in the park to clearly posed, bums sticking out, caked in make up pool pics that just aren’t realistic.

Why our generation live by this number I will never really understand. But those of us that push for a double figure seem ultimately put off by even posting stuff on social media in the fear of not reaching a reasonable number. I haven’t updated my profile picture on Facebook since 2015. The likes are in the high double figure and why would I ruin that? Given, the picture now looks nothing like me, my hair is now lighter and I am now much better at a winged eye-liner. But still, that number haunts me. If I were to update it, I could potentially loose all that liking power. Maybe its just me, maybe its just girls, maybe its secretly everyone but i miss old school Bebo days where you weren’t even able to make money from anything and just enjoy the internet. Don’t get me started on all of the hate comments.

When you click on someones image, don’t deny it, the first thing you look at is the likes and comments. Most of the “insta-famous” people now have photographers following their every move. As well as the fact that they probably spent their ‘like’ money on all the expensive products they smother their faces in. This just isn’t real life. Although props to those guys who aren’t actually in it for the money and stumbled upon it without intention. To those guys who seek it – your bums.

Maybe I was just born in the wrong time but isn’t the whole point of social media to be social? Not to make money off a few double taps? As well as this it makes me feel a little pitiful of myself wiping tables for minimum wage whist people are making money taking selfies. Should social media be a money making thing? Or does it just make 50% of society reluctant to use it?


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