A spontaneous trip to the city of Budapest

Whilst looking at my empty calendar (excluding all of the previous deadlines that I had just finished) I found that I was rather depressed at all the empty gaps in my upcoming month.  So why not book a spontaneous trip? With little money (thank you to student life) I needed somewhere cheap and pretty. Budapest was the answer.

I caught a Uber to the airport and off I went. You will find out, if you ever go to Budapest that the currency is another thing entirely. What would you even consider expensive? I would later have over 50,000 Hungarian forints in my pocket. That seemed like a lot. It wasn’t. I would later find out that it would cost me about 2,000 for a McDonald’s. Besides from the money I was extremely excited to be back travelling. It truly amazes me how different cultures live. The UK is just so normal to me so when I am confronted by fish heads in my soup, complete with eyes and scales I find it a little odd.

I stayed in the Marmara Hotel, quite close to everything and would definitely recommend to anyone who is into a good walk. In all honestly we landed quite late, late enough that all of the restaurants were shut and the only thing that was in sight was a rather unappealing, dingey currency exchange. Never the less, we needed some money because I was pretty starving. McDonald’s saved the day.

First day in Budapest and we decided that we would just dive right in. Out straight away we made out way to the chain bridge. Passing the houses of parliament, this is the most amazing building, certainly way too amazing to hold the moody politicians which we saw enter and exit every second. If you make your way to the river side you can walk straight down to the Chain Bridge. It takes about 10 minutes to walk across and if you look up, that big building is Buda Castle and everything behind it is the castle grounds. There is a lift that will take you right into to castle but if you don’t like waiting (like us) you can walk up. The weather was amazing, we reached the top just as the sun started to come out. We then wandered around the rest of the grounds including Fisherman’s Bastion from which you can see an amazing view of Budapest. Matthias Church, the 14th century, gothic-style church is located just next to it with a cheeky Starbucks tucked right behind it.


Another thing about Budapest is the amazing little coffee shops that it has. I’m a sucker for a little hide away with amazing coffee. One of my favourites was Goamama Coffee, a little shop hidden in the Jewish quarter. The amazing thing about this is that everything that you see, everything that you touch you can buy. They have a little furniture shop next door where they upcyle and collect vintage/shabby chic pieces which look amazing. Although I couldn’t tell you if it was a good price point because I am still clueless with the currency.

What would a visit to a different country be without a visit to the mothership. It may have taken us haf an hour to walk to it but we finally found the 5 floor Zara. Worth a visit.

Although Budapest was amazingly beautiful in the daylight its a million times better at night. We took a river cruise on the river Danube, although it wasnt blue, it was rather black at night, it was so romantic. Extremely cold, but romantic. We shared a glass of Champagne on the boat ride and watched the sun go down whilst the whole city light up.



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