Duck & Waffle

Imagine feeling amazingly drunk at an amazingly high height. The Duck and Waffle is placed 40 stories up Bishopgate in London near Liverpool St station. If your scared of heights don’t look down. My boyfriend is absolutely terrified of them (don’t worry Cass I edited out the crying in the video.) Although who would want to miss this? Getting drunk 900ft up is certainly one of the most mesmerising things I’ve every done. I was recommended this particular place by my cousin Matthew, who visited the joint at 3am completely smashed and suited and booted from a business meeting (in true Matthew style) and expressed his fondness at how this place is open 24-hours a day (which means cocktails at 9am are an actual thing) unfortunately I wasn’t able to have eggs with my cocktail although I don’t think I would have wanted too with these concoctions.

The Duck and Waffle offers breath-taking views of beautiful London with cocktail in hand. The place was designed by award-winning architects CentraRuddy whom have incorporated a 24 sear “inside out” bar which is completely different itself. A bar which no one stands behind. An open kitchen plan completes the room with flaming heat and delicious smells. Although the most amazing thing about this place is the decor, filled with graffiti and chandeliers, frosted glass and weathered wood this place is a complete juxtaposition, although cocktails at 9am are in themselves.

You guys know I’ll always be truthful with you guys… when I say these cocktails are weird… I really mean that they are weird. Whilst I was here I had a Pina-Kale-Ada which as the name suggests has kale in it. I don’t know whether this is a London thing or it’s simply a really fancy thing but this fancy thing did not taste fancy, in fact there was nothing particularly fancy about the taste. The cocktail contained coconut washed Bacardi rum, pineapple sherbet and kale. The most interesting cocktail definitely goes to this one – served like a green tower topped with dried pineapple for that extra punch.

Fancy a cool drink with a view? Get yourself here. Oh and check out the amazing lift ride.


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