The Alchemist

As you will be well aware, if you have ever glanced at my social media *queue plug to follow me* that I am an avid cocktail drinker and since moving to Leeds (the city with a cocktail bar on every corner) I have become a weekly visitor of The Alchemist, which is why I would like to share my Alchemist experience with you guys. As a member, I would recommend signing up for the member’s club which offers up to 20% off food (this excludes drinks unfortunately) a massive saving for us students. Plus, you get a cool card complete with geometric design.

The Alchemist is located in two top spots of Leeds; the top of Trinity shopping centre and on Greek Street. Despite being the smaller of the two, The Alchemist in Trinity hosts the best vibe of the two. This was my chosen place to celebrate signing for my house for next year. A quick stop for a cocktail only seemed fitting. Celebratory drinks are a must in my book.

After discussing the cocktail menu, I decided to go for my old favourite – The colour changing one. When you order this drink you are provided with two glasses of different colours to combine yourself (make sure you pour the blue one in first) and right before your eyes you will see the clear and blue turn pink. The blue potion contains grey goose, apple liqueur, sugar syrup and a secret ingredient whilst the clear one contains lime juice and soda. This is served on dry ice, The Alchemists signature. There’s something exciting about being served a drink that smokes as though it is so cold you were to freeze as soon as it touched your mouth.

As well as providing us skint students with expensive drinks, The Alchemist also serves amazing food (another excuse to visit for a cocktail) which is perfect for a pit stop on a shopping spree. The friendly atmosphere as well as the cute twinkling lights which hang from the ceiling make The Alchemist the perfect target for consuming cocktails before drunkingly buying a load of clothes which you don’t need.

Stay classy huns, Shan xoxo



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